Why choose us?

Reliability. We construct highly reliable research apparatus. Most do-it-yourself solutions in the laboratory are engineered and constructed to only just be functional. Our offerings are all constructed to meet high standards for reliability. For example, critical connections are made using avionic-style crimp connections, rather than high-temperature solder; lead-free solder connections are encapsulated to prevent whisker formation. This is a level of attention to detail not usually found in research equipment constructed "in-house," and the payoff is reduced downtime, reduced replacement costs, and fewer headaches for graduate students and PIs.

Flexibility. Our background is in research and development. We understand that research apparatus is usually custom, one-off, purpose-built, and we can work with you to engineer unique solutions suited to your laboratory's problems.

Trust. We stand behind our work. If you are unsatisfied with the work we have done, please let us know and we will strive to "make it right," whether that means a refund, replacement, or modified solution.

Turnaround. Most of our standard offerings have a lead time under three weeks, and we frequently turn faster than our quoted lead time. For those situations where time is critical, we can work with you to get the fastest possible turnaround to keep your research operation moving forward.

Cost. It tends to be cheaper to pay for a reliable solution once than to pay for an unreliable solution several times. We also strive to keep costs down. Notably, we do not pay for advertising, so neither do you.

Privacy. When we solicit your information for purchasing or quote requests, we do so via email exclusively. We only share your information with third parties if necessary for processing your order (e.g. our financial institution and payment processor). We don't sell your information, period. (We do store some of your information on our servers. On your request, we will delete any information we do not strictly need for compliance and auditing purposes. Please read our privacy page for more info.) We don't spam your email. When you order, you have the option of signing up for our email list, which sends out exactly four emails a year, all plaintext, no images. This email list is completely managed in-house. We do not use third-party mailing applications, or "marketing" applications which track your behavior.